Discipleship 101 #4 – New School

So, what does this all mean for us in our daily lives? What is it that a disciple of Jesus does? Let me list five things a disciple of Jesus does. A disciple is a Reborn Follower of Jesus There is no distinction between being a Christian and being a disciple. Christian means “belonging to […]

In Between

In between Christmas and New Year’s Eve In between my first and possible second attempt of passing CCIE In between my current job and my possible next In between studying Jesus and studying CCIE In between sanctifying the workplace and leaving it as it is In between getting healthy and enjoy In between kiss and […]

Bibliology #4 – Sufficiency

The sufficiency of Scripture answers the question if we are to look for other words from God in addition to those we have in Scripture, or is the Bible enough for knowing what God wants us to think or do? The definition can be described that Scripture contained all the Words of God He intended […]

Baptism #6 – Why Be Baptized?

Our study on baptism is progressing. We have talked about the old traditions of the Jewish mikvah, the baptism of John the Baptist, why Jesus had to be baptized, how we should baptize, and why we should baptize. The logical following question is, if not evident yet by what has been said, why you should […]

Baptism #3 – Jesus’ Baptism

Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, but why? He certainly did not have to repent of any sins. He certainly did not have to publicly demonstrate that He was a believer. He certainly did not have to do it to give an external act to enter into His own covenant. So what were the […]

5-minute Free Writing

A while ago I attended a workshop about how to write an article. One of the exercises suggested for overcoming a writer’s block is to do a five minute free writing exercise. Basically, set your stopwatch and start writing for five minutes without thinking about it. Write down whatever comes to mind. No coherency is […]