All Out of Words

I think I reached the point in this month of blogging that I am all out of words. Since tomorrow is the last day of the battle I am sure I’ll finish strong, today, after traveling for almost 18 hours back from the States to Amsterdam, I can honestly say that I am bushed. So, this will be a short post, because I am ready for pizza and a movie, right here on our living room couch, and I can tell you that I am already looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again. See you all tomorrow for my last post for this month.

Take the Long Way Home

The last two weeks we have been visting grandpa and grandpa in Surprise, Arizona. And time just flew by. We started off by a long trip from Amsterdam to Phoenix, as we stranded in Detroit, missing our connecting flight to Phoenix due to long queues at security. But, this ended up being a blessing more than anything, because these extra four hours gave us an opportunity to feed Elora and feed ourselves in a relaxing way while waiting patiently for our next flight. After almost 24 hours of traveling we finally came to our destination, still in pretty good shape actually. In the two weeks that followed we did a lot (swim, eat, visit Tombstone, go see an American Football game, go to church, shop, watch a lot of Food Network, celebrating Thanksgiving twice, watching Monday night football, watching the parade – some of these will be material for future posts for sure), but we combined it all with lots of laughter, relaxation, and just good fun.

But, to quote a famous Dutch standup comedian, “something is only fun because it ends, because if something is fun and it never ends, it’s not fun anymore” (which obviously applies to everything but seeing and savoring God, but that’s besides the point), and so we find ourselves on our way back to Amsterdam. We are leaving sunny Arizona with its 27+ degrees Celcius, and come back to 4 degrees Celcius. But, it’s all good. Why? Because I am a creature of habit, and I can take only so much of doing nothing and just sit and read. Still, to use the title of an old Supertramp song, we are taking the long way home. It’s leaving a place that is wonderful to be at for a place that’s, although called home, a place where life is real again, duty calls, and agendas are overbooked. And so it’s a long way home in the sense that I for one have mixed feeling about it. I want to go home, but I don’t, but I do. And although December is filled with happy family times (Elora’s -first- birthday, Sinterklaas, and of course Christmas) I cannot get around the feeling that I long for January already, when everything is back to “normal” again. But let’s not get ahead of myself here. I just see a challenge up ahead of trying to see the joy in everything. And where my good friend Eric was challenged to find this in November, it’s more December for me.

I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing, but for now, it’s getting back first. Taking the long way home.