If I Were To Write A Book

I do apologize for again asking my faithful readers for their input, but I was just wondering about the following:

We all have dreams, right? Those crazy ideas that you get when you either had (too) much to drink, or when you are having deep conversations with people, etc. For me that has for a long time been writing a book. Now in the distant past, before I was reborn, this meant writing a novel – a thriller like “The Ninja” by Erik van Lustbader, or “Grandmaster” by Warren Murphy and Molly Cochran, but now, having been reborn, I keep on running into this thought that I would like to write a book on a “theological” subject. Why? Well, first of all I love reading. I love reading theological books. And so it makes sense, in my mind at least, to see if I can write a book. Not because I think I can, let alone think I can do it better than anyone else. But I want to challenge myself into delving into a subject to such a degree that I not only come to a conviction of the truth for myself, but can actually translate this in a way that other people understand it as well. And this not in a medium like a blog, which can be considered as fast food, or in a medium like a sermon, which can be considered a good enough single course meal. I would view a book as a multiple course meal, which each chapter being a course, some heavy, some light, some refreshing, and some hard to digest. And we all know there is quite a difference between flipping a burger, making macaroni, or preparing a Christmas diner for the whole family.

Having said all this, here’s what I want you to do: think about what you would want to read a book about. Think, if someone would actually – or finally – write a book about this subject I may finally understand this. If you have an idea, please a comment with this post. Why? Because I can think of many many topics to write about, but I want to hear from you.

So, comment.

5-minute Free Writing

A while ago I attended a workshop about how to write an article. One of the exercises suggested for overcoming a writer’s block is to do a five minute free writing exercise. Basically, set your stopwatch and start writing for five minutes without thinking about it. Write down whatever comes to mind. No coherency is required. The exercise can be helpful to jumpstart your flow of thought.

It thought it be nice to post my 5-minute free writing here. Please note that I originally wrote this in Dutch, so this is a translated (unedited) version.

What would it be great if everyone would believe in God and actually would do what He asks us to do. This would have so many advantages!! Which? Very simple. Who other than the creator of this world, the earth, the universe, the animals, the plants, humans. He knows like no other how we are made, how we think, what we feel, what our dreams are, our ambitions, what it is like to really love. God can make such a contribution to the culture of mankind that we would go beyond ourselves. And that’s exactly the problem! To go beyond ourselves often leads to pride, giving honor to ourselves rather than God who created us in the first place, and enabled us to do, think and dream.