Photo Blog

Come check out my photo blog at, and bookmark or RSS it. The idea for now is to publish a new photo when I think it is good enough. When and if I am able to put more time into the photography hobby I may consider a “real” website, but for now this will […]

Love Song

I was freshly reminded today of one of my favorite worship songs by Third Day called “Love Song.” I thought it’d be nice to post the great lyrics here for you to read. I’ve heard it said that a man would climb a mountain just to be with the one he loves. How many times […]

What News Anchors Do…

WGN News anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange have been together for many years. This whole thing started out really small and simple. And then along came the internet, and a video camera, and you tube, and here we are with the funniest dance routine since that scene in Big. It’s the original, What News […]

If I Were To Write A Book

I do apologize for again asking my faithful readers for their input, but I was just wondering about the following: We all have dreams, right? Those crazy ideas that you get when you either had (too) much to drink, or when you are having deep conversations with people, etc. For me that has for a […]

All Out of Words

I think I reached the point in this month of blogging that I am all out of words. Since tomorrow is the last day of the battle I am sure I’ll finish strong, today, after traveling for almost 18 hours back from the States to Amsterdam, I can honestly say that I am bushed. So, […]