Flat Tire, Elated Grace

Flat Tire Last week Monday started out as any other regular Monday. I got out of bed a bit later than intended, but still early enough to call it really early. After the usuals I walked down to my car, got in, started the engine, started the CD player (Dream Theater’s latest is a great […]

The Charge!

He who carries the Sword. May you wield it with grace and mercy. May your heart be filled with the power and love of God so that you have the strength to love and serve all. May the Lord be your wisdom. May He be your leader and teacher. May your heart be humble and […]

Confusion Explosion

For the last couple of weeks nothing less than an explosion of confusion has manifested itself in my head. Sounds lovely, isn’t it! The funny thing is that although there is much confusion there is much clarity on what the confusion is about. In other words, the confusion explosion is not an all encompassing confusion […]

The Year Of

The year of 2009 (According to our Gregorian calendar) The year of the Ox (According to the Chinese calendar) The year of discipline (As this is much needed in my life) The year of the Cross of Christ (As I need to “feel” its weight more in my life) The year of the ESV Study […]

In Between

In between Christmas and New Year’s Eve In between my first and possible second attempt of passing CCIE In between my current job and my possible next In between studying Jesus and studying CCIE In between sanctifying the workplace and leaving it as it is In between getting healthy and enjoy In between kiss and […]

Carry That Weight

I had some suspicious thoughts already. It was a slow but sure process for sure. Living the “good” life became apparent in more than one way. Of course it’s easy to go into blame-mode: many birthday parties, celebrating Thanksgiving (twice), Sinterklaas, and now the Christmas season, and it’s not over yet. But like I said, […]

All Out of Words

I think I reached the point in this month of blogging that I am all out of words. Since tomorrow is the last day of the battle I am sure I’ll finish strong, today, after traveling for almost 18 hours back from the States to Amsterdam, I can honestly say that I am bushed. So, […]

Take the Long Way Home

The last two weeks we have been visting grandpa and grandpa in Surprise, Arizona. And time just flew by. We started off by a long trip from Amsterdam to Phoenix, as we stranded in Detroit, missing our connecting flight to Phoenix due to long queues at security. But, this ended up being a blessing more […]

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today my dad turns 76. I can’t believe already a year has past since we had a small and intimate family gathering to celebrate his 75th birthday. An indication for me at least that the older I get the faster the years seem to flash by. Or maybe it’s because it’s been a crazy year […]