Baptism #8 – Common Distortions

Well, we are almost at the end of our study on the doctrine of baptism. In terms of the sacrament of baptism all has been said, which leaves us with two topics to talk about still. And I must say that both are very controversial, and there is a sense of reluctance to address them, […]

Baptism #7 – Who Do You Baptize?

A question to be answered in response to why be baptized, is who do you baptize? Who should be baptized? The Bible is clear on this matter. From several places in the New Testament it can be deducted that only those who give a believable profession of faith should be baptized. This is because baptism, […]

Baptism #6 – Why Be Baptized?

Our study on baptism is progressing. We have talked about the old traditions of the Jewish mikvah, the baptism of John the Baptist, why Jesus had to be baptized, how we should baptize, and why we should baptize. The logical following question is, if not evident yet by what has been said, why you should […]

Baptism #5 – Why Do You Baptize?

So baptism symbolizes regeneration or spiritual rebirth. But does it only symbolize, or is it also a means for the Holy Spirit to bring blessing to people? Since Jesus commanded His church to baptize (in Matthew 28:19), it is expected that a certain blessing is connected with baptism because all obedience to God by Christians […]

Baptism #4 – How Do You Baptize?

So, by now we should have a pretty good picture of the origin and symbolism of spiritual cleansing, immersion and baptism. Now let’s have a look at the mode of baptism, as it is described and commanded in the New Testament. When you look at the practice of baptism in the New Testament, we can […]

Baptism #3 – Jesus’ Baptism

Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, but why? He certainly did not have to repent of any sins. He certainly did not have to publicly demonstrate that He was a believer. He certainly did not have to do it to give an external act to enter into His own covenant. So what were the […]

Baptism #2 – John the Baptist

Last time we looked at the Jewish culture and rituals regarding the use of a “mikvah,” a bath or pool of living water, used for spiritual cleansing. This could be considered an early form of baptism, because doesn’t the Greek word ‘baptizō’ simply mean ‘to immerse something in water’? And so how then was the […]

Baptism #1 – The Mikvah

I don’t know about you, but when I think about baptism, the first thing that comes to mind is John the Baptist, the crazy guy with the garment of camel’s hair, eating only locusts and wild honey, who all of a sudden appeared on the scene and started baptizing people. But is John the Baptist […]