Acts #1 – Final Preparations

Some Background Although not explicitly stated, the writer of this book is Luke, who also wrote the Gospel according to Luke. Both books are also written to the same person, Theophilus. Now there are some speculations as to who Theophilus was. His name means ‘lover of God,’ but this may have been a nickname. One […]

The Charge!

He who carries the Sword. May you wield it with grace and mercy. May your heart be filled with the power and love of God so that you have the strength to love and serve all. May the Lord be your wisdom. May He be your leader and teacher. May your heart be humble and […]

Five Points #1 – Preface

This will be the first post in what is quite likely going to be a very long series… Over the last couple of months the topic of Calvinism versus Arminianism has become an item in many conversations both in personal as well as church settings. Those that have invested some time in reading up on […]

How Dare You!!!

Men: take 6 minutes and watch this clip. Mark Driscoll goes after the men at his church who have attended for years and yet still abuse, neglect, and dishonor the woman in their life. Mark has had enough of this. You can visit to download the entire sermon: Marriage and Men from the Trial […]