Stop Talking About Jesus

I read this story today on the blog of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church. The hurt is so real, but likewise the need for Jesus and the need for preaching the gospel is so real. It reminds me of a quote from John Piper, who said, “The biblical perspective is that the cross is a witness […]

The Present Future

Reggie McNeal’s 2003 book, The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church, which I haven’t read but looks appealing, addresses the still timely issue of asking the right questions: 1. The collapse of the church culture. Wrong question: How do we do church better? Tough question: How do we deconvert from Churchianity to Christianity? […]

What’s A Movement

On a leadership level in our church we are talking about how to best structure our church in order to best serve Jesus so that we can best serve the city of Amsterdam and become a movement of churches throughout Amsterdam and the Netherlands. These are big topics to discuss as often the close-handedness of […]

Conversation with J.I. Packer

A short clip from Mark Driscoll’s latest sermon “Temptation from Hypocrisy,” where he uses a conversation he had with J.I. Packer to illustrate that the first word of the gospel is “repent” and that preaching should lead people to repentance. Quote from the clip: “Jesus was a preacher. He was a healer, a miracle-worker to […]

Valentine’s Day

I had planned to write a post on the history and relevance of Valentine’s Day in relation to biblical beliefs, but someone beat me to the punch and did a really good job at it. So instead I will just post the link to his post. Valentine’s Day Enjoy.

Marc’s Church Locator

Ok, I stole this idea from Noel Heikkinen, but that’s not the point, right? For a while I have been playing around with the idea of using Google Maps to give an overview of all the churches (regardless of denomination) I could find in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Why? Actually only for encouragement. I think this […]

CJ Rocks!

People who know me personally know that I am a big fan of the ministry of Mark Driscoll, so one might think that when I am thinking of preaching that Mark Driscoll is my favorite preacher, and that I would like to be like him in my preaching style and method. Now I do not […]

If I Were To Write A Book

I do apologize for again asking my faithful readers for their input, but I was just wondering about the following: We all have dreams, right? Those crazy ideas that you get when you either had (too) much to drink, or when you are having deep conversations with people, etc. For me that has for a […]