Irreverent, Silly Myths

A small excerpt from Matt Chandler’s teaching called “A Shepherd and His Ungenerate Sheep” from Desiring God’s 2009 Pastors Conference.

The full teaching can be found here.

Stop Talking About Jesus

I read this story today on the blog of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church. The hurt is so real, but likewise the need for Jesus and the need for preaching the gospel is so real.

It reminds me of a quote from John Piper, who said, “The biblical perspective is that the cross is a witness to the infinite worth of God’s glory and a witness to the immensity of the sin of my pride […] The cross has brought together the two sides of preaching: (a) the vindication and exaltation of God’s glory; (b) the hope and joy and gladness of sinful man”

The Present Future

Reggie McNeal’s 2003 book, The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church, which I haven’t read but looks appealing, addresses the still timely issue of asking the right questions:

1. The collapse of the church culture.

  • Wrong question: How do we do church better?
  • Tough question: How do we deconvert from Churchianity to Christianity?

2. The shift from church growth to kingdom growth.

  • Wrong question: How do we grow this church?
  • Tough question: How do we transform our community?

3. A new reformation: Releasing God’s people.

  • Wrong question: How do we turn members into ministers?
  • Tough question: How do we turn members into missionaries?

4. The return to spiritual formation.

  • Wrong question: How do we develop church members?
  • Tough question: How do we develop followers of Jesus?

5. The shift from planning to preparation.

  • Wrong question: How do we plan for the future?
  • Tough question: How do we prepare for the future?

6. The rise of apostolic leadership.

  • Wrong question: How do we develop leaders for church work?
  • Tough question: How do we develop leaders for the Christian movement?

What’s A Movement

On a leadership level in our church we are talking about how to best structure our church in order to best serve Jesus so that we can best serve the city of Amsterdam and become a movement of churches throughout Amsterdam and the Netherlands. These are big topics to discuss as often the close-handedness of doctrine hits the proverbial wall of the open-handedness of application within the given culture, and you have to stay faithful to both. Faithful to Scripture in terms of what it means to be a church and what it means to be a movement of churches. And faithful to the particular culture you want to apply this movement, which takes a lot of effort of figuring out how the particular culture needs Jesus. What can be kept in a culture as it is in line with Scripture. What needs to be discarded as it contradicts Scripture. And what needs to be corrected as it is distorted with Scripture.

Anyways, I was watching this lecture from Mark Driscoll from the latest Acts29 bootcamp about what it means to be a movement, especially in the technology-driven culture we all live in. It is very insightful.

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Conversation with J.I. Packer

A short clip from Mark Driscoll’s latest sermon “Temptation from Hypocrisy,” where he uses a conversation he had with J.I. Packer to illustrate that the first word of the gospel is “repent” and that preaching should lead people to repentance.

Quote from the clip: “Jesus was a preacher. He was a healer, a miracle-worker to be sure. But He was a preacher. Jesus preached to crowds, multitudes up to 5,000 men plus women and children, maybe 20-25,000 at a time. Jesus assembled a mega-church frequently to hear Him preach.