Why I Am Not Blogging?

I went from thirty-one posts in November to three posts in December to now only my second post in January. What’s up?

– It has been a busy period and so I don’t have much time to write deep theological blogs;
– I wrote a lot in November due to the NaBloPoMo and I think I am still processing that;
– Like my friend Michael, I am thinking deep thoughts
– Although not experiencing a writer’s blog (pun), I do wonder what topic or series to write on next;

And so with this last point, I kinda need your help. I have the following topics on my list, but I would like to hear from you what I should write on.

1. What is Preaching?
An intensive series on what constitutes as biblical preaching. I have had some serious discussion with different people. I have read articles and books on preaching, which tell you a lot about the goal of preaching or the necessity of preaching, but nowhere can I find a definition on preaching. And so this would be a word study in both Hebrew and Greek, going through every verse from Genesis through Revelation that uses the word preaching or any derivative thereof, and analyze my findings in a series of blogs

2. Jesus, Mean and Wild
Based on a book with the same title by Mark Galli, I will take one verse from each chapter of the gospel according to Mark and will write 16 blogs in total in which I will try to portrait Jesus as mean and wild and not like the fluffy, robe-wearing, long-haired halo hippie who never told a joke, never offended anyone, etc, etc. Should be a good challenge and get you fired up.

3. The Blessed Hope
Eschatology. This word alone gives people shivers done their spine. The study of the end times means dealing with concepts like amillenialism, premillenialism, pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, post-tribulation, dispensational premillenialism, rapture, replacement theology, etc etc. It divides people into allegorical and literal teams and the gloves are off and it’s game on. It is one of these topics that I am really interested in and that I think people should know more about because it does relate to their every day walk with God more than they possibly realize.

4. Oh, Martin
A blog telling my experience of my first time visit to a Lutheran church.

5. Calminianism
Another big one that seems to be popping up in random conversations I have with people is predestination and where most don’t really know what to think of. It would make sense to actually turn this into a series on Arminianism versus Calvinism as the question of election (predestination) seems to be at the root of most if not all of each of the five points (free will versus total depravity, conditional versus unconditional election, unlimited versus limited atonement, resistible versus irresistible grace, perseverance of some versus all saints).

6. The Tailgating Principle
A blog about the great American tradition of tailgating and how it relates to Scripture. Ha!

7. The Acts of the Apostles
Yes, a study on the book of Acts, but much more than that, a study on what constitutes a biblical church. I series in which I will go through the whole New Testament and distill a definition of the church based upon the Bible, not upon tradition. What is considered closed-hand and what is considered open-hand?

So, these are my possible topics, and like I said I would love to hear from you what you want. Please leave a comment with your preference and reasoning, and I will adhere to the majority’s choice…

The Year Of

The year of 2009 (According to our Gregorian calendar)
The year of the Ox (According to the Chinese calendar)
The year of discipline (As this is much needed in my life)
The year of the Cross of Christ (As I need to “feel” its weight more in my life)
The year of the ESV Study Bible (As I ordered one yesterday and really look forward reading it)
The year of CCIE (Will I decide to go for it? Will I pass?)
The year of Barack Hussein Obama II (Will he be He to many, or just stay he?)
The year of Canon EOS400D (Will I actually start having a hobby this year?)
The year of 35 (That old? Yes!)
The year of budgeting (I hope)
The year of #2 (We hope)
The year of Jehoshaphat (Well, only for two weeks actually)
The year of preaching (Or at least an attempt to)
The year of choosing a structure (I sincerely hope)
The year of repentance (much needed)
The year of humility (much needed)
The year of finally getting it (much needed)