NaBloPoMo Is Coming

Well… Tomorrow is the big day, the start of a month of blogging, a blog entry each day for a month. It’s an initiative of NaBloPoMo. I will do this together with my good friend Eric Asp, and keep each other accountable. It will be interesting for sure and some challenges to overcome. For one, […]

The Pillar and Support of the Truth

I was asked to study 1 Timothy chapter three and give a 15-minute teaching on it. I figured it wouldn’t hurt putting my thoughts on my blog as well… Chapter three of 1 Timothy is the familiar and famous chapter listing the qualifications of an elder and a deacon. Complete libraries have been written on […]

A State of Happiness

Monday afternoon we came back from a long weekend away in a cottage from Centerparcs’ De Huttenheugte in the south-east of the Netherlands. Reason for the short vacation was to just get a weekend away, and to celebrate our two year anniversary. It was great. We hired this sweet 2-person cottage, with a jacuzzi, and […]

A Little Sleep, A Little Slumber

Every good Christian prays, right? Every good Christian has an amazing prayer life, right? Well, obviously I cannot speak for anyone else, but I am just gonna say it: my prayer life sucks. This sounds really heavy and unholy, right? Maybe it is, but it is also the truth. Now get me straight. It’s not […]